Our Promise:
Complete College,
Build Careers,
Transform Milwaukee


All-In Milwaukee is now
supporting 320 diverse
students through college


92% of All-In Milwaukee
Scholars are persisting
through college


Only 14% of Milwaukee’s
high school graduates
will earn a two or four-year degree

12% of limited-income
students will earn
a bachelors degree
in the U.S.

9% of Milwaukee
students will earn a
high school diploma
and a college degree

A Proven Model for Achieving Success in the Community

More limited-income students than ever are enrolling in college, yet only 12% of limited-income students will earn a college degree. The roadblocks to college completion include the skyrocketing cost of college and the decrease in financial aid, in addition to the lack of academic, social, emotional and cultural support. About 25 years ago, Wallin Education Partners in Minneapolis began providing comprehensive support to ensure college completion for limited-income, high-potential students. Today, they celebrate a 93% success rate of scholars earning their college degrees within six years. Wallin also has a 95% career placement rate, a more than 80% regional retention rate, and 39% of students graduate with no debt.

Based on Wallin’s proven model, All-In Milwaukee is a coordinated collaboration of students, families, pathway partners, universities, advisors, and donor partners committed to providing comprehensive support including maximized financial aid, customized advising, and career readiness to ensure limited-income students complete college and matriculate into the Milwaukee workforce. Student by student, we are developing the future pipeline of talent to improve the Greater Milwaukee Area.

Our Mission

All-In Milwaukee is a college completion program that provides financial aid, advising, program and career support to high potential, limited-income, diverse Milwaukee students to complete college, build meaningful careers and transform the Milwaukee community.
We envision a vibrant Milwaukee with diverse leadership throughout our city.

Completing the Last Mile

The last mile refers to a student’s post-secondary education. With college graduates earning – over a lifetime – an average of one million dollars in additional income, the last mile is the million dollar difference between a high school diploma and a college degree.

Although there are several K-12 initiatives supporting limited-income, high-potential Milwaukee students to college, All-In Milwaukee provides comprehensive support to help these students complete college – the last mile in their education journey.


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