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Why Race Matters: Higher Education

“Our work is to shed light on the fact that you have these beautiful young adults, these kids in the city, who have so much potential, and all they need is the access. All they need is an extra push, or an extra hand, or somebody to listen to them.” Watch the full interview at […]

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Tiffany Tardy is ‘all-in’ on education

“We’re going to make sure you’re not surviving college but thriving. …It’s time for us to dismantle the system instead of changing the students,” said Tardy. “I want people to know they have the power to transform the world. Our goal is to keep our graduates here.” Read More in the Milwaukee Business Journal+

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Alan Borsuk: Two programs provide good news on getting students into, and through, college

But, also in the big picture, college success is important to the future — both of these individual students and of the Milwaukee area, which has a smaller percentage of college graduates among its population than many other metropolitan areas. Nationwide, the relationship between higher college graduation rates and thriving urban economies is strong. Read […]

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Supporting our future workforce and high-quality education

We all can agree that our workforce is challenged. What will become of it in the years ahead? This is where the rubber meets the road. Are you willing to help, to get involved, to donate, volunteer or mentor? Increasing the number of high-quality school seats in Milwaukee, in any form, will require more from […]

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