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Changing the narrative: AIM celebrates first-ever graduating class

Changing the narrative: All-In Milwaukee celebrates first-ever graduating class Backed by the business community and supported by AIM’s holistic approach, diverse students from limited-income backgrounds are graduating largely without debt — and staying in MKE to start careers. As 29 diverse Milwaukee students with limited financial resources walk across the stage to receive their diplomas […]

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Educators Seek Ways to Fix Milwaukee’s Leaky Pipeline to College Graduation

“We need to see more universities recognizing how expensive college has gotten and how unattainable that is for so many students. The best programs are those that clearly lay out what students need to be successful.”

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All-In Milwaukee Encourages Local Students to Pursue College and Beyond

“Organizers say they work from the ground up, visiting local schools and sharing what is possible, with the hope that they will bring their talents to Milwaukee’s workforce.”

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Why Race Matters: Higher Education

“Our work is to shed light on the fact that you have these beautiful young adults, these kids in the city, who have so much potential, and all they need is the access. All they need is an extra push, or an extra hand, or somebody to listen to them.” Watch the full interview at […]

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