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Contributions from donors to the All-In Milwaukee program ensure a solid foundation for our success. In addition to raising scholarship funds, our team raises funds for our advising, program and career development support. The wraparound support that we provide to our students is as important as the financial support! Please consider a donation to our program or consider becoming a donor partner, which is described in detail below.

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Financial contributions and donor partners are committed to providing comprehensive
support that includes a student advising, program development, career mentors, career development and networking events on campus, as well as support in the event of a student emergency.

We also offer the opportunity for you to become involved in our scholars’ college journey by becoming a donor partner. Becoming a donor partner is a four-year commitment to a scholar. We work with universities to capitalize on financial aid and ensure last dollar agreements to maximize the student’s financial aid package. The result is each scholar takes on significantly less debt while the advising keeps the student on track for college completion and career readiness.

Donor partners are individuals, families, foundations, and businesses. Businesses may choose to support scholars with internships as a donor partner and may invest in their scholar through foundation, diversity or human resource budgets.

If they wish, donor partners may express their preferences for a student and be involved in the student’s collegiate journey as a mentor. There is transparency and accountability throughout the partnership as the donor partner receives biannual reports which include student’s grades as well as assessments of progress from both the student and their advisor.

The financial commitment for donor partners is $6,250 per year ($25,000 over four years) to ensure a limited-income, high-potential student completes college with minimal debt and is career ready. Of this amount, $4,500 each year is provided to the university for maximal financial aid and $1,750 is kept by All-In Milwaukee for advising and program costs.

To meet a scholar or to learn more about All-In Milwaukee, contact Allison Wagner at

Become a Donor Partner

We need your help in supporting limited-income scholars through the last mile of their education. Become a donor partner today.

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