Stay Connected with All-In Milwaukee’s Impact on our Community

With access to the most up-to-date studies and news articles in addition to first-hand scholar success stories, you can stay informed and connected as All-In Milwaukee works to develop talent in and for our community.

All-In Milwaukee raises fundraising goals to support additional students

The Milwaukee Business Journal covered our push for further funding to support more Milwaukee Scholars. We’ve raised our goal from 30 student participants to 40 student participants, and we’re looking for more donor partners to support these new students. Read More in the Milwaukee Business Journal +

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Ramirez Family Foundation, All-In Milwaukee giving $1.35 M in Scholarships

All-In Milwaukee is partnering with the Ramirez Family Foundation to offer more than 1.35 million in scholarships to support low-income Milwaukee students. These scholarships will help Milwaukee students complete college. Read More in the Milwaukee BizTimes +

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New Milwaukee Nonprofit Aimed at helping Low-Income Students Complete College

The Milwaukee BizTimes profiled our September launch event and and helped us put out the call for donor partners. Read More in the Milwaukee BizTimes +

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All-In Milwaukee, a new charity, plans to guide low-income students through college

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a detailed explanation of All-In Milwaukee’s mission and goals. Read More in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

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