Meet Chris

Chris Alexander has an extensive background working with students. He has worked in elementary, secondary, post-secondary, and graduate education. He can firsthand understand the issues, challenges and solutions for students as they transition from one level to the next. His attitude is another characteristic that sets him apart. He recently worked as a Coordinator with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In this role, he worked with Milwaukee Public High School students and assisted them with meeting specific requirements to be admitted into UW-Madison, with Full Tuition Paid possibly. He also created the movement “Black Men Breaking Barriers.” BMBB works with Black Male students in the PEOPLE Program and offers Mentorship, Life Skills, Personal Development, and Academic assistance.

Before working at UW-Madison, Chris was a Senior College Advisor for the City Colleges of Chicago’s Wilbur Wright College. As a College Advisor, Chris believed that diversity enhances the richness of the educational experience and leads to understanding, tolerance, and an appreciation of the differences embodied in each of us. He believes that faculty and staff diversity should reflect the student body’s demographics. Chris’ Advising Philosophy encompasses the need to help students to be able to make decisions on their own.

Before working at City Colleges of Chicago, Chris worked for Chicago Public Schools and ran the After-school Program at Genevieve Melody Elementary School. He brought Enrichment and Academic Programming to help strengthen students’ knowledge and growth. He has a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications, a Minor in Sociology from Illinois State University, and a master’s degree in Education from Cambridge College in Boston, Massachusetts.

When Chris isn’t working with students, he’s recording radio commercials with the Milwaukee Radio Group, working in his community to help others, or mentoring our youth. Chris has one son named Cameron and is married to his wife Katy, and they love to get out in Milwaukee and enjoy all the city has to offer. Chris was born in Cleveland, Ohio, and then moved to Hanover Park, Illinois, in 7th grade. He grew up not knowing his path, but as he started to receive help from his teachers, he quickly began to understand that he wanted to lead a life of serving others.