Become a Scholar

By becoming an All-In Milwaukee scholar, you are committing to complete college at one of our university partners and matriculating into the Milwaukee workforce.

In 2019, All-In Milwaukee awarded 40 scholars college completion programs that combine financial aid and advising to ensure scholar success. In 2020, All-In Milwaukee awarded 67 scholars the same college completion program. In 2021, All-In Milwaukee almost doubled by awarding the same college completion program to 95 scholars. In 2022, All-In Milwaukee awarded our college completion program to 126 scholars.

All-In Milwaukee scholars receive a renewable scholarship over four years as well as wide-ranging support and advising from an All-In Milwaukee professional advisor for up to six years.

All-In Milwaukee scholars are limited-income, primarily students of color from Milwaukee. They have high financial need and strong academics, leadership and service. Students apply during their senior year of high school and are supported by All-In Milwaukee until they complete college.

2023 All-In Milwaukee Application Timeline:

  • Application opens November 14, 2022
  • Application closes February 15, 2023
  • Application decisions will be sent by April 1, 2023

Become a Milwaukee Scholar